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August 2023 Flavor Of The Month Maria Kazi – S4:E1


Tyler Cruise has a new stepfamily, including Megan-18, a hyper realistic doll. His stepmom insists that Megan is part of the family, so Tyler does his best to try engaging her in conversation. Later, Tyler asks Megan to read him a story because he can’t sleep.Megan tells Tyler that she can’t make him forget about his mom, but she can make him think about something else. Before Tyler knows what’s going on, her hand is on his hardon. Megan pulls Tyler’s stiffie from his pants and opens her mouth to suck him off. Then she gets on her knees so Tyler can do whatever he wants with her.Tearing Megan’s tights, Tyler pushes her thong aside and shoves himself nice and deep. Megan rocks back to meet his thrusts, moaning in delight. Turning over, she lifts one thigh to let Tyler back inside. Then she climbs on top of him to dominate him in cowgirl. On her knees, Megan strokes Tyler until he pops. Just as he’s enjoying the afterglow, his stepmom finds him and can’t believe what she’s seeing!