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Give Me Some Honey – S19:E2


Hailey Rose loves to dress up in lingerie that hugs her busty curves. Her boyfriend, Max Fills, loves it, too. Today’s getup is red with black lace on that really draws the eye. The outfit is completed with black stockings and high heels. She eyes herself in the mirror while fluffing her boobies, then goes to where Max Fills is hanging out.Handing Max a bottle of water, Hailey insists he drink it. After all, he’ll need to be hydrated for when he breeds her later. When Max doesn’t immediately respond, Hailey takes charge. While describing exactly what her boyfriend should be doing, she puts her foot on his hardon and pulls his head to her cooch to begin eating her.Shoving Max onto his back, Hailey climbs on top of him to smother his face in pussy. He tongue the twat, then reaches up to knead her titties as she grinds against his lips. When it’s time to hope off Max’s lips and give something in return, she goes for an enthusiastic BJ. Since her boobies are already out, it’s a simple thing for Hailey to deliver a titty fuck, too.Max is already on his back, which makes it nice and easy for Hailey to straddle his hips and climb on top. Sliding down, she takes him for a juicy pussy ride in cowgirl. That even gives her the opportunity to smush her breasts into his face for her own pleasure. When she gets on her knees, Max gives it to her as hard as she could want in doggy.The couple finishes with Max spooning behind Hailey, banging her from behind. Lifting Hailey’s leg nice and high, Max makes sure she hits the big O one last time before taking his own pleasure. Ever the obedient boyfriend, Max blows his load inside Hailey’s coochie to hopefully breed her.