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I Took My Stepsister On A Picnic – S18:E3


Ricky Spanish hasn’t been very nice to his stepsister, Minxx Marii. He’s been perving on her quite a lot, so he thinks that maybe he can set up a Labor Day picnic to make it up to her. Minxx thinks that’s just so sweet, and she even has a new outfit she can wear. A few minutes later, she struts out wearing a lovely dress that highlights her slim curves. Ricky lets her know that they’re going to picnic indoors because it’s too warm outside for a nice meal. At first, things are going great! Minxx and Ricky are getting along well, but all that is about to change.Ricky takes the picnic basket and puts it in his lap so that he can stick his dick through a hole in the edge. He invites Minxx to help herself, but the second she lays hands on her stepbrother’s cock, she figures out that she’s the butt end of yet another joke. Pissed, she storms out of the room. When she gets to her bedroom, however, Minxx finds that she can’t sustain her anger. She realizes that the reason she had such strong feelings is because Ricky actually has a really nice dick and she liked it a lot. Returning to the living room, Minxx tells Ricky that on second thought, she wants to take his surprise out of the basket with her mouth. Ricky is surprised, to say the least, but he watches in rapt fascination as his blonde stepsis leans into the basket and opens her mouth to suck him in. Eventually, he sets the basket aside all together so that Minxx can really go to town slurping and sucking him off in a lusty sloppy BJ. Now that Minxx has gotten a taste of Ricky’s hardon, she wants so much more. She surprises him again by suggesting that she really wants to get it on. True t her word, she pops her small tits out of her dress and peels off her thong, leaving herself wide open so she can slide down on Ricky’s man meat in reverse cowgirl. She leans back and lets him thrust upwards into her as she rubs her clit. Then Minxx turns around and indulges in a real fun ride. Ricky lays Minxx down on the picnic blanket and finally takes his opportunity to enjoy her sleek bare pussy that he’s been daydreaming about. Fucking Minxx on her back is great, but it’s even better to enjoy her on her hands and knees. When Ricky can’t hold back a moment longer, Minxx urges him to cover her back and bottom in a big cumshot that is as satisfying as Minxx had hoped.