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I Want My Stepdad – S7:E9


Mia Kay is counting down the days until Christmas. Her list of things she wants for the holiday revolves around cum, particularly cum from her stepdad Ryan Driller. She knows she’ll have to start working now to get what she wants. Plopping herself into Ryan’s lap, Mia shows Ryan her Christmas list and suggests that he dress up as Santa. She’ll bring the cookies and he’ll bring the milk. Ryan tells Mia to cut it out and reminds her repeatedly that this is very inappropriate and she’s going to upset her mother.Mia leaves the room and then returns in a sheer bra and matching thong to continue begging with the added bonus of her skin. Ryan stays strong in his resolve not to fuck his stepdaughter at first, but the more Mia begs and pouts, the more Ryan’s determination slips away. Eventually he lets Mia pull his stiffie out and open wide to take the tip in. Mia has a hot wet mouth that just gets Ryan even hotter the more she sucks. Before long, he’s an active participant in the BJ as he winds his hand in Mia’s hair to hold her in place when she finds a particularly good position.Ryan’s uncertainty temporarily returns when Mia peels off her thong, but one look at the tan lines outlining his hot stepdaughter’s ass and pussy and Ryan is back to being fully on board. He slams home into Mia’s tight pussy to do her in doggy. Then he continues to give it to Mia as she rolls over and lifts a leg to open herself for him. They spoon as Mia keeps moaning, and then Mia climbs on top of Ryan to ride him in reverse cowgirl. Ryan gives in to Mia’s begging and gluts her with a creampie, only to find out she’s not on birth control.

Actors: Mia Kay / Ryan Driller