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Its A Party In My Pants On Cinco De Mayo – S9:E3


Lana Smalls and Molly Little are having a great time stuffing a pinata for Cinco de Mayo while Molly’s stepbrother, Robby Echo, hangs out in the same room. Lana catches Robby checking Molly out and tells her friend. Molly admits she wants Robby to bust a big load in her, so Lana decides to help her friend out.The girls invite Robby to their party amidst plenty of sexual innuendo. They imply there’ll be some pinatas there with some pretty great treats, so he’d better bring a big bat. Later, Robby returns to learn that the party is over. That’s ok; Molly and Lana are dressed as sexy pinatas that Robby can still break open. He wastes no time in ripping the costumes off the girls. With Lana’s encouragement, Robby spins Molly around sinks balls deep into her juicy coochie.The trio moves to the couch, where the girls blow Robby together. Molly helps Lana mount Robby’s hardon for a stiffie ride. Once Lana gets on her knees for a doggy style pussy pounding, she can also eat Molly out for even hotter results. Then Molly scoots forward to enjoy Robby’s cock in missionary as Lana licks her friend’s toes. With Lana and Molly working together, they get Robby to blow a big load into Molly’s coochie for Lana to lap up so the girls can play with the cum.