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Putting My Stepbrother To Good Use – S24:E9


Effie Snow can’t help rubbing her own pussy beneath her miniskirt as she chats on the phone. She complains to her friend about all the stupid pranks her stepbrother, Chris Cobalt, keeps pulling on her. Despite that, she does think that Chris is kind of cute. When she has finally had enough of Chris’s antics, she tells him to stop being such a jerk and she’ll put his fingers to better use than flipping her the bird.Later, Effie is taking selfies of herself right in front of Chris when he flips her the bird yet again. Grabbing Chris’s hand, Effie peels off her panties so he can finger fuck her. Now that she has her stepbrother where she wants him, Effie wastes no time in crawling on top of Chris and making out with him as she guides his hands to knead her ass. Chris finally gets with the program as Effie drops to her knees to blow him.When Chris takes a seat and watches Effie undress, she has easy access to slide down onto his fuck stick in reverse cowgirl. Turning around, she gives it to her stepbro in cowgirl before getting on her knees so Chris can do her in doggy. On her side, Effie moans as Chris spoons with her, but she wants a deeper dicking down. Chris delivers, bending Effie nearly in two as she lays on her back and takes him to the hilt. When she is sated, Effie sucks Chris’s balls and cock until he blows his load all over her.