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Screams And Orgasms From My Stepsis – S8:E3


Joshua Lewis keeps playing Halloween pranks on his stepsister, Molly Little. Molly goes to the fridge to get some eggs while Joshua watches, waiting for her to discover the mice he’s hidden in the carton. When Molly finds the rubber mice, she shrieks and tells her stepbrother that he doesn’t even know her and that she gets really horny whenever she gets scared. She tells Joshua not to scare her again or else he’ll have to get her pregnant.Later, Joshua pranks Molly again by putting a fake creepy dude peeping into her window. When Molly sees it, she shrieks until Joshua comes to ask her what’s going on. Molly claims she’ll keep screaming until he fucks her, so Joshua whips his dick out and shuts her up with a cock in her mouth. A blowjob is just what Molly was gunning for to start, but definitely not all she wants.Soon enough, she gets her way as Joshua sinks balls deep into that cream filled coochie. Her pussy party continues as she climbs on top of Joshua to ride him in cowgirl. Turning around, she bounces that booty up and down as she keeps her ride going. Since Molly is already on her hands and knees, it’s simple enough for Joshua to get behind her and ride her in doggy. When Joshua tells his stepsis that he’s going to cum, she begs him to give her a creampie. Joshua delivers, then learns that Molly isn’t on birth control.