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Step Sister Wants To Do It – S16:E5


Jewelz Blu has an Internet challenge that she’s going to try with her stepbrother, Matt Cash: The Make Your Stepbro Cum in a Minute challenge. She corners Matt in his room and tries to get him to pay attention to her as she teases him with her big boobs and firm ass. Matt can’t help but get hard at his hot stepsis throwing herself at him, so Jewelz pulls his fuck stick out and starts sucking him off. She’s well on her way to winning the challenge when their parents, Kit Mercer and Dan Ferrari, come in to talk to Matt about getting in trouble at school. Jewelz barely has time to get under the covers before they barge in.Since Jewelz is down there anyway, she decides there’s no reason she shouldn’t have some more fun with Matt’s hardon. Even though their parents are still in the room, she keeps on playing with Matt’s dick while their parents express concern. As soon as their parents leave, Jewelz goes back on the offensive with her brother, pulling down her shorts to entice him to fuck her. She slides her wet pussy up and down Matt’s cock as she urges him to restart the timer. Then she slides her bald pussy down onto his dick and starts riding him. Reaching down as her hips rock, she takes Matt’s hands and puts them on her titties so he can enjoy those big jugs.The challenge is partly forgotten when Jewelz asks Matt if he wants to fuck her now and he says yes. She rolls onto her back so he can take her in missionary. Then Jewelz gets on her hands and knees so Matt can fuck her in doggy. Matt can’t resist his busty stepsis another moment, so as she begs him to cum he delivers. Shoving deep, Matt creampies Jewelz. Jewelz is just complimenting Matt for taking way more than a minute when Kit walks back in and finds them naked together with Matt’s cum dripping out of Jewlez’s pussy.

Actors: Jewelz Blu