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Stepsister Is After My Cum – S20:E4


Rion King is hanging out in the living room when he is approached by his stepsister Freya Parker and her friend Kylie Rocket. The girls are horny, fertile, and want babies. They try to tell Rion they want his cum, but he is way too weirded out to even consider it. The girls try to coax Rion into taking them by rubbing their pussies and giving him a glimpse of the goods when they flash their tits at him, but nothing can make Rion interested in that moment. That’s okay; the girls have a backup plan. They go to Rion’s room and lay together on his bed. They shimmy out of their shorts, and by the time Rion arrives they’re on the bed with their legs entwined, masturbating.This time, Freya and Kylie aren’t taking no for an answer when Rion tries to back away. They get up and toss him down onto the bed, then work together to pull off his pants. Rion has sprung some pretty impressive wood. Once the secret is out about how turned on he is, Rion decides to play along. He watches as Freya and Kylie work together to suck him off in the same way they seem to do everything together. The girls deliver a lovely sloppy double BJ, and then Freya helps Kylie climb aboard for a stiffie ride that gets her back arched and her breath coming in moans. Freya is all up in Kylie’s business, rubbing her titties and her clit to help her get her rocks off. When the girls tag out, Freya mounts her stepbro in reverse cowgirl and rides to her heart’s content as Freya rubs down her hot little body.Now that Rion is fully committed to fucking the two girls, he decides to show off a bit. He gets Kylie on her back so he can piston in and out of that greedy snatch, then mirrors the same movements with Freya. Then he gets the girls on their hands and knees side by side to create a pussy buffet. Rion fucks them one at a time, double dipping in and out of those two snatches. When he blows his load inside Freya, Kylie is on the verge of being disappointed. Rion is certain that he can cum again. He goes back to work on Kylie’s pussy, letting the doggy delight continue. Since Freya has had her treat, she lays down in front of Kylie so that she can masturbate with her perfect view of the action. When Rion delivers for a second time, the Kylie goes to sit on top of Freya so they can enjoy their cum seeking victory together.