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Would You Fuck A Leprechaun – S24:E4


It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and Kyler Quinn and her BFF Freya Parker have decided that now is the time for Kyler to confess her crush on her stepbrother in a cute seasonal way. They begin with a prank on Codey Steele. Codey pours himself some cereal, and when he turns around to put the milk back in the fridge Kyler sneaks some green food coloring into the bowl and leaves a tiny note beside it. The girls claim it wasn’t them and storm off in a pretend rage. The pranks continue as Codey goes to his room and finds his clothes strewn about and another tiny note. It takes some effort for Codey to read the tiny writing, but the note turns out to be a coupon for free use of his stepsister’s pussy.Codey doesn’t waste a moment. He goes to Kyler’s room and instructs her to take off her shirt. The girls claim that no one could read anything that small, but they don’t exactly argue with Codey’s instructions. Instead, they lift their shirts to show their matching shamrock pasties. Codey watches with a big smile as the girls work his dick out of his jeans and then go to work with their mouths. A BJ with lots of deep throating is just the start for this trio. It’s a St. Patty’s delight as the girls work on peeling off all their clothes so that they can take this moment as far as they can.Codey lays down on the bed to find his face covered by Freya’s pussy and his dick mounted by Kyler. Eventually Freya moves to kneel beside Kyler and Codey, which makes it easy for her to support their lovemaking until Kyler climbs off to let Freya have a ride. Going to town in cowgirl is fun, but Freya moans even louder when she gets on her back with Codey between her thighs. When Kyler sees Freya shivering with the force of her climax, she insists on another turn. Getting on her hands and knees, she squeals in delight as Codey bangs her nice and hard from behind. Freya eventually lays down in front of Kyler with her thighs spread so Kyler can go to work on that greedy twat one last time as Codey keeps on banging her. He keeps it up until he can’t wait another moment to nut deep in Kyler’s pussy for a big creampie.